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Training, Empowerment, and Advocacy

For Family Providers, By Family Providers.

My involvement in the Coalition has helped me develop a more in depth sense of professionalism, the need for leaders in the field, and strengthen my willingness to advocate for what's right, not only for myself, but for all providers and families, and also to help me get out there and encourage others to do the same thing.


-Latonta Godboldt, Founding Member

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Mentor and Coaching, Training, Empowerment, and Advocacy

For Family Providers, By Family Providers.

Our mission is to open doors for Family Child Care Providers, provide opportunities, support and advocate with, and share the best evidence-based practices so that we can provide excellent care for the children in our communities and elevate the family child care industry.


Being a member of the Family Child Care Coalition has changed me because it has given me the opportunity to be a leader. 

About FC3

The Family Child Care Coalition (FC3) is an organized group of family child care providers who seek to unify, empower, and advocate for the family child care provider (FCCP) community in the Greater Philadelphia area.

As family providers ourselves, we fully understand how isolating being an FCCP can be. FCCPs often feel like “Providers on an Island.” Our jobs are very demanding and we wear many hats. Yet, we have strength in numbers. 


We created FC3 as a catalyst to unite Family Providers, build a strong network, advocate at the city and state level, and share resources so that we can work smarter, not harder.


FC3 operates as a member-controlled 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our training subsidiary is incorporated and managed as a provider-owned cooperative.

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Our mission is to open doors for Family Child Care Providers (FCCPs) by offering opportunities, support and advocate with, and share the best evidence-based practices that we can continue to maintain excellent services for the children in our communities.


Collectively we have decades of experience as Family Providers. We understand the unique challenges and struggles of working in this field. It is our vision to use our experience and expertise to uplift and support others in our industry. Our work focuses in these main areas:

Provider Fellowships: Childcare Providers world evolves around the families we serve and the babies we care for and teach then to our own families not leaving much time for ourselves. Quarterly we have Provider outings where we can meet, greet, chat, and have fun.


Coaching & Mentor Support: We provide coaching and mentoring to Childcare Providers in need of support in their childcare program such as: Advancing in Keystone Stars, (NAFCC) National Accreditation for Family Childcare, and support in opening and expanding a Childcare program.

Personal & Professional Development: As certified coaches and and PQAS instructors, FC3 provides personal and professional development.

Advocacy: We meet with our local and state officials and partner with other organizations as a voice for Family Child Care, fair wages, and equality. 



FC3 Live at Five

FC3 Host a Monthly Live at 5 where we discuss topics on things such as childcare, family matters, budgeting, and self care. Contact us today if you would like to join us on Live at 5!

Coming Soon:

Sign up for training courses via this website!


Family Providers Matter


Join a community of family providers across Pennsylvania dedicated to supporting each other in the pursuit of excellence in their businesses and lives. We know that when we combine and amplify our collective voices, expertise, and support. We are creating the force for change we wish to see in the child care industry.

FC3 Offers Members:

An opportunity for a position in the Familiy Child Care Coalition

A free Tshirt (Family ChildCare Matters)

Free/Discounted Personal and Professioinal Development (with PQAS hours) 

Business and job opportunities posted on Website

A feature on FC3 Live at 5

1 hour monthly mentor or coaching session

and more....

*discount/additional fees will be added for additional services.


FC3 is an equal opportunity organization

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Check out our monthly Live at Five with our co Founders and special guest on hot topics and advocacy in the field. Contact us if you have a suggestion for a topic or would like to be a guest on the show.



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Founding Member

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