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My involvement in the Coalition has helped me develop a more in depth sense of professionalism, the need for leaders in the field, and strengthen my willingness to advocate for what's right, not only for myself, but for all providers and families, and also to help me get out there and encourage others to do the same thing.


-Latonta Godboldt, Founding Member

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Our mission is to open doors for Family Child Care Providers by offering unique professional development opportunities and sharing the best evidence-based practices so that we can provide excellent care for the children in our communities and elevate the family child care industry.

I want family providers to know that they have the voice to make a difference.

As a provider myself, I've been there- I've been on that island and needed support and didn't know where to go for help. The coalition is that support network and we're going to do everything we can to uplift other family providers.



- Shineal Hunter, Founding FC3 Member

The Family Child Care Coalition (FC3) is an organized group of family child care providers who seek to unify, empower, and advocate for the family child care provider (FCCP) community in the Greater Philadelphia area.

As family providers ourselves, we fully understand how isolating being an FCCP can be. FCCPs often feel like “Providers on an Island.” Our jobs are very demanding and we wear many hats. Yet, we have strength in numbers. 


We created FC3 as a catalyst to unite Family Providers, build a strong network, advocate at the city and state level, and share resources so that we can work smarter, not harder.


FC3 operates as a member-controlled 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our training subsidiary is incorporated and managed as a provider-owned cooperative.


We are very active on social media! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on FC3 events and trainings.

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Our mission is to open doors for Family Child Care Providers (FCCPs) by offering unique professional development opportunities and sharing the best evidence-based practices that we can continue to maintain excellent services for the children in our communities.


Collectively we have decades of experience as Family Providers. We understand the unique challenges and struggles of working in this field. It is our vision to use or experience and expertise to uplift and support others in our industry. Our work focuses in these main areas:



Having trainings for Family Providers by Family Providers is monumental. As FCCPs ourselves, we know best and firsthand the challenges, issues, and some of the setbacks that we face on a day-to-day basis. And having that inside expertise gives us the ability to support providers and offer trainings that meet them where they’re at. We provide training and professional development on topics such as:

  • Obtaining & Maintaining State Licensing

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Marketing & Recruitment

  • Financial Literacy & Bookkeeping

  • Business Planning & Sustainability




Our advocacy initiatives include:

  • Centering FCCP voices and brainstorming solutions to key challenges that FCCPs face

  • Developing strategies for effectively engaging with city and state legislators

  • Rallying the support of our communities to create change and catalyze a much needed shift in traditional power dynamics




FC3 also functions as a purchasing cooperative. Members receive a group discount at a Philadelphia-based grocery chain and we are working on other offerings. In the future we hope to make other services like shared transportation,  a substitute pool, and business and accounting services more affordable and feasible for family providers.

We need your help to build out more offerings! Add your input or volunteer by filling out this survey.

Coming Soon:

Sign up for training courses via this website!


As we develop services designed specifically for family child care providers, we would love to hear your voice.


We love to share inspiration and connect with family providers!

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Membership dues are $99.50. You can pay dues online here.


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